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Welcome to The Soho Box,
the place for Information Technolgy solutions.
Solutions to problems we all face in businesses, both small and medium:
Offsite backups, affordable internet connectivity with security, wireless networking.Office to Office networking (VPN), PC remote control setup,Voice over Internet (VoIP) solutions, antispam and anti virus products, well priced website design and hosting, Corporate branding and logos, Server technology, both Microsoft and Open Source to suit all budgets and reliability requirements.

But why The Soho Box?
Soho meaning small office/home office, the box being anything from a modem sized device to a large server that improves the running of your business.
15 years experience with Microsoft Networking and 10 years with Linux solutions
Personalised solutions for the needs of your business
Current generation knowledge and product choices
A Network of technology specialists, from dedicated Programmers, to website authors, to illustrators, artists, musicians to network designers, all availible to you through your assigned consultant as your single point of contact.